There’s an energy to the 5th of November that’s hard to ignore. It’s right at the start of the New Year for us Pagans, which is powerful in its own right, followed by two more lesser known religious holidays. All Souls Day and All Saints Day haven’t been acknowledged by the wider world in a long time, but certain sects of believers still devoutly observe these two.

Guy Fawkes has become an archetype after a fashion, and his energy carries on all these centuries later. A persona to take when one is resisting something and more power is added to him legend. A face of the masses. Today to is an Election Day in the States, with millions putting out that energy in an effort to change a place. The feel of it is almost heady to those of us sensitive to it. Mom scoffed at me the last time I talked about it, but Angie gets what I mean. She doesn’t like the way it makes the air feel, but she’s not big on change. I love it.

The kittens we rescued are doing well. They’re finally starting to bounce around and get underfoot. The place is a little small which makes trying to avoid stepping on them hilarious, Angie has toppled over onto her ass at least once trying to not step on a kitten and I loved it.

Halloween was calm, though I missed Jack the whole time. Turn and burn wasn’t fun but I managed to make it through in one piece. My little jack-o-lantern helped ward off the few bad things that tried to wander in the shop, though it had no power it whatever it is in the center booth sitting in the middle of the lot. I wish we could tear that thing down.

I think I’m going to soak up a little of the defiant spirit of today before I head off to work. I have a feeling I might need it.

Blessed be.


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