I’ve forgotten how soothing knot magic can be. The rhythm of the work, the color saturating into my soul, the magnificent finished product.

A string of knots is easy and quick to do, I used to keep hanks of every color yarn on hand or in my pocket for casting on the fly. My favorite way to create knot magic is with crocheting though. Knitting too. Angie does it with cross-stitch, which I suppose means any knots work.

It all started because I decided to make Jack an afghan for Yule. I found a wonderful ombre green and a great little pattern that looks like rows of spiderwebs. Of course Jack saw it and loved the work I was doing. As I was working on it, the ritual came to me without thinking. Calm. Prosperity. Serenity. Over and over again.

The easy lull of the simpler magics have made the last two weeks a lot less stressful. Work was hard, but doable. Parenting was hard, but doable. Life was hard, but doable.

I think I’m going to add this little bit of casting back into my daily life. I haven’t felt this good in years.

Blessed be.


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