Late on this post, but I just finally crawled out of bed. Sick as a dog. Bad cold happily and not the flu. Not that it makes me feel any better. Damned virus.

Part of this is probably because of the rather unkind words I had when I found out my ex knocked up his homewrecker. This isn’t the first time she’s gotten pregnant by a man she wasn’t married to and I fully expect her to floof off to her next conquest at the earliest opportunity, once the baby’s born. Seems to be her M.O. I might have laughed at the karma the ex is about to incur. Okay, I did laugh. I should’ve just wished them the best. The Three-fold Law doesn’t discern schadenfreude.

Halloween is going to be fun this year. I work a turn and burn, morning and graveyard shifts, since Jack will be with the ex. No time for proper ritual to welcome the new year, though the boss has agreed to let me bring a jack-o-lantern. I’ll spell it early tomorrow morning with blessings and protections and bring it with me to work tomorrow night.

Going back to sleep before I have to get Jack from school. I’m worn to the bone.

Blessed be.


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