Do I really have thirty entries on this thing? Sometimes, when I add to thing journal thing, it feels like more. Other times it feels like less. Either way, there’s a catharsis happening here. Let’s see how another thirty entries go.

At the library a couple days ago, I came across a book on old apothecary recipes. Ones that work and I’m assuming that from the fact none of the recipes have a warning, in addition to a flip through the book. No dangerous ingredients that I found except for maybe navy-proof rum. A few look like they can be modified for spellwork, turned into potions or tinctures. It’s something new to concentrate on while Jack’s school does stupid shit.

That’s a whole other thing. Jack came home yesterday and told me they were changing his class. At first I thought they were moving him because of disciplinary issues and I was furious they moved him without warning or explanation. When he finally got me to understand what happen happened instead, I was in a towering rage over it.

Basically, they’re sending Jack’s teacher to a higher grade and sending his whole class to a new teacher, a month after school already starting. The parents weren’t notified, students weren’t warned, and even the teachers involved had no concrete information until last Friday. Admin knew though. They knew and said nothing.

I’m still breathing fire over this.

Blessed be.


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