This week didn’t get any better. It didn’t get any better at all and I think I really need to look into better ways to petition Thor if this is what He thinks of my efforts. It started with a part-timer calling out sick while the boss is on vacation with the rest of us scrambling to cover for him.

That was the start of my work week.

The end of my work week had a woman drive onto my lot with her car engine on fire and park next to a gas pump. There was a mad scramble and the fire department had to be called. Good thing I was quick with a fire extinguisher. Good thing the fire extinguisher is kept up to code.

I’m just… exhausted by this week. Jack is at the ex’s until Friday. His unending well of positive energy would help a lot right now, because just being around him is a boost I could use, but I’ll have to make do until he’s home again.

Next week will hopefully be easier. At work anyway. Mom is still nagging me about everything that crosses her mind and Angie is doing her best to avoid being caught in the crossfire. Ugh.

Blessed be.


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