The Caramels’ eyes have opened! All are blue at the moment, which is normal for babies, but I fully expect their eyes to change to greens and ambers in the next few weeks. I’m still gobsmacked these three have made it. Jack has been an enormous help with them. He sleeps like I do, once asleep he doesn’t move for the whole night. I was able to have the kittens sleep with him on my graveyard shifts and Jack kept them warm and feed like a pro. My son is amazing.

Money is going to be a little tight the rest of the month. I put Jack’s big present on layaway and it cost more than I thought it would. Worth it.

Something strange is going on at work again. I would swear the place is haunted, but I’ve checked. No graveyard ground for miles and no deaths on record. Yet I get the feeling I’m being watched. Our dragon guard has puffed up in a defensive mantle at random, like he can feel something there that shouldn’t be, but I’d investigate and nothing was there. Maybe it’s something that appears at random.

I think it’s coming from the closed up center island. The protective bag I stuffed in there might not be strong enough, or the thing in there is something I don’t have the ability to ward against. Maybe I’m just paranoid. Graveyard shifts are an apropos name for a reason.

Blessed be.


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