I’m going to start petitioning to Thor, I swear it. After this week at my dreaded “day job”, I think I’m going to need all the help I can get.

It all started a few weeks back. The other overnighter has been unreasonably late since he started working there a couple years ago. My coworkers have complained about it for a long time, but until someone else could fill his shift, there wasn’t anything our boss could do.

Well, we finally found a full time overnighter. Ron, let’s call the perpetually late employee, was shifted to second shift and he was not happy. I’m of the honest opinion he won’t last more than a month on day shift. He was late yesterday for his first one.

And here is where I’ve decided to start praying to Thor. If Ron quits, it’ll be weeks before we can find another employee, weeks the rest of us will have to cover for this guy. The boss has already started looking, but who knows if we’ll get a new co-worker in time. The money would be nice, but this is a shit job without the extra hours. I don’t want to find out. Ugh.

Blessed be.

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