Angie did something last week, during the Thunder Moon. I don’t know what, but her spellwork has my skin itching. Maybe it was the storms she has called to us or her standard request for blessings gone awry. I’ll bet it was the dragon’s blood resin she added to her little bonfire. The potency is overwhelming.

Anyway, I was overrun by my first proper robbers at work the other night. The vaulted my counter and tried to grab a bag full of cigarettes, but my dragon guard spooked them. He did good work. I’m very disappointed in the police, however. I called and they never even showed up. I think I’ll bring a can of that slick cooking spray for the tile behind the counter. The little shits will think twice is they risk breaking an ankle on the landing.

Jack goes back to school in a few days. He’s very excited and it’s making it hard for him to concentrate on the lessons I’ve been giving him. I’m going to keep them much shorter for this last week, though I think I’ll have to repeat the information at some point. Ah well, so be it.

The ex has also decided Jack needs to go through therapy because Jack is unhappy when he’s visiting the ex. I tried to explain how this whole situation looks from a kid’s perspective, but it went right over his head. If he wants to waste his money instead of spending real time with Jack, who am I to argue. An outside ear might help, though I doubt it’ll fix whatever problem the ex thinks he’s having.

It’s been a long Summer, and it’s not even over yet.

Blessed be.

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