Angie broke my damned computer. Almost three weeks ago. I’m still angry about it. Not writing here ramped my stress level up higher than I wanted. This really has been helping me cope with all the weirdness and bad and life going on.

Now that I have my computer back in about the same condition it should be in, I’m happy to report life is mostly quiet, though one major incident sticks out in my mind.

My ex has been taking Jack for a couple days every week to “spend time with him”. Of course, the ex’s idea of spending time is plopping Jack in front of the TV and wandering off to spend time with his girlfriend. That wasn’t really the big deal.

I guess the girlfriend doesn’t like Jack at all, considers him a troublemaker and a nuisance. Wants my ex to spend all his time and energy on her girl, who isn’t even the ex’s child. Which, whatever. If my ex wants to dote on some other kid, it’s not my business.

But the girlfriend likes to get Jack in trouble just so she can punish him. He seems to be grounded practically the whole time he’s over there for months now. Part of it is Jack being a snot and I know it, but this is absurd.

So the ex brings Jack home a couple days ago and says, outright, that Jack is making this whole situation harder. I thought mom was going to come unglued. The ex destroys are family with his selfishness, and Jack’s the one making this hard? I don’t think so. I just smiled that creepy Umbridge smile and showed that bastard the door.

Jack, naturally, doesn’t want to go back this weekend and said so to the ex’s face. I’m not going to make him go either. The ex can go fuck himself, and that homewrecker he’s got can get her punishment jollies elsewhere.

The fucking nerve.

Blessed be.

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