Binding box has been made and laid. I was surprised to find out how easy it was to get something in there. I tried to locate a key first, because the closer to the center I can get my binding, the better, but the key has disappeared. Anyway, I managed to find a tiny gap between the board over the old windows and the ledge where the customer would stand while ordering cigarettes or candy or gas. My box plinked on the ground inside.

It’s too bad we don’t use this little booth anymore. Work would be a lot easier if we only had the 10 by 5 floor space to deal with, along with the pumps. I always thought the set up was cool. Ah, well. Price of progress, I suppose.

On the other hand, I still felt as though I was being watched, but from a distance now. Stared at behind a solid wall of safety glass. If I’m very lucky that’s all I will ever notice about the thing lurking in the center booth. The feeling it’s not just a ghost is stronger, because a ghost would’ve turned its eyes away once the box was in there.

School is out for Summer, so I have to ramp up my parenting game to keep Jack from getting lethally bored. I’m not sure what to do though. There’s the big things for the bucket list this Summer, but it’s the little day to day stuff I’m at a loss for, especially once monsoon starts. Being locked indoors for half a day while ran comes down in sheets won’t be fun. The constant struggles of parenthood. We’ll figure it out.

Blessed be.

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