Overnights at my store are creepy. I mean, yes, I only have them two nights a week, on Friday and Saturday nights, and my boss is good about picking up the phone no matter what time some calls, but I feel like there’s something unnatural skittering through the dark just beyond the store lights. On the other side of the abandoned center booth in the middle of the lot. Maybe in the center booth itself.

No one ever goes in there. I doubt the boss knows what’s in there, now that I think of it. All I know is I feel eyes on me while I work the night shift and I have a serious itch to break out the salt. I think I’ll make another little miniature charm to seal the booth and tuck it into one of the gaps. Something. Even Nick is disturbed by the booth, the other overnight guy, and he’s the least prone to flights of fancy than anyone I’ve met in a long time.

Jack likes the change in routine. We take walks through the local park and I explain the powers moving through the place. He’s taken a real interest in the Mother and her creatures, how they are supposed to interact with each other. Thank the Gods for the inspiration. He’s clamoring to visit a live volcano next. I guess it’s good for him be so enthusiastic.

Blessed be.

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