Solstice is coming up faster than I expected, but I also had a very pleasant surprise. We have a new neighbor, Cindy. I’m a little ashamed to say she brought us cookies, instead of the other way around.

Which I am about to rectify in about 30 minutes.

Cindy. It’s a pretty name for a woman about my age, a sunlight blond to match her summer tan still clinging to her skin and clear brown eyes. Brown like sunstone. Actually, she just reminded me of high summer in her entirety. And freckles! So many damned freckles, it was hard to keep my hands to myself. I managed. Barely.

We didn’t talk about much. Cindy asked me about the neighborhood, how it was, where the interesting spot were. Come to find out she’s a case worker for the IRS. Well, she said she worked for the government, but after a couple follow up questions, it was easy to figure out. She’s on temporary assignment here and originally from Phoenix. Too bad. I won’t say no to a nice, pretty neighbor though. I only thank the Gods I was alone when she came to the door. My sister would’ve had a field day with my unintended flirting.

Okay. Not completely unintended. Still.

Got the paperwork back from the court, stamped and ready to mail to the bastard cheater. I want this year to be over. Soon. Very soon.

I hope.

Blessed be.


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