Response is filed with the court.

The paperwork for this debacle is tedious. And it has to be submitted in triplicate, in person on actual paper. In this day and age, I surprised we can’t to all of this online, like literally everything else, but no. The copies are supposed to come back to me through the mail. One is to be sent to the ex, the other I’m to keep for my records. I’m not sure the ex will sign for the papers, but I have to try. Ugh.

Jack took to the basics of the Rede easily. When I explained it to him, Angie interjecting snide little comments the whole time about my teaching style, Jack rolled his eyes and said, “I know all that Mom.”

I didn’t understand, at first, how he knew all this already. He hasn’t been messing with my Book and my mom and sister know better than to start Jack’s teachings without me. I started asking questions.

“What do you mean, you know?”

“They’re the rules, Mom. Of course I know.”

“Where did you learn them?”

“They’re the house rules, Mom.”

Oh. Later, after Jack had gone to play with some of the neighborhood kids, Angie called me a scatterbrained dumb ass. Some days, I feel like it. Parenting is ridiculous. I love it.

Blessed be.


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