Process server showed up on the doorstep the other day. I guess the ex, who’s name I refuse to use because he’s a bastard, had filed for divorce months ago. I’m only just now finding out. I thought I had more time to get back on my feet before dealing with this.

Angie cackled at me.

I’m so damned annoyed about it all. Angry is too strong a word, so annoyed works. Good thing my mom is an old hand at this divorce nonsense, so I leave the paperwork for her to parse. She’ll tell me the next steps I need to take.

The colorful threads in my supply box survived the move without tangling, thank the great Gods. What I needed most at this moment is time. And a little chaos couldn’t hurt. A little bit of knot magick to slow the matter down a a bit. Nothing big or flashy.

I set up a candle with a simple wish etched into it and started on my threads. Ra, my big orange tabby and obstinate familiar, was loafed against my leg and watching with his customary watchfulness. My boy Jack came into my closet-sized room with his kitten familiar at his heels. Her name is Isis and, like all familiars I’ve ever encountered, she chose him.

This wasn’t the first time Jack had ever seen me casting, so he knew to wait until I was done before he started asking questions. I haven’t really explained what being a witch was and as I finished the last of the knots, I figured maybe it was time I began his instruction. He was in a house full of them, after all.

I’ll start with the basics after dinner. First, I have a sister to give a stern lecture to.

Blessed be.2


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